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Ecommerce News Roundup: July Recap


Are you up to date with the latest Amazon sellers news? Take some time out from your summer vacation to check out this month‘s updates from Amazon. We have all the Amazon news you need for the month of July!

☀️ Uncover product opportunities with the new Search by ASIN feature

Product Opportunity Explorer now lets you search by ASIN to analyze product performance within specific categories, identify products, or browse ideas about other offerings.

Use customer demand data, based on keywords or Amazon customer search terms, for market research. Search by ASIN lets you do the following:

  • Focus on ASIN or relevant BSR (Best Sellers Rank) products!
  • Identify product trends, such as click count or BSR history.
  • View niches and search terms that customers use to find your ASIN.

To try our new Search by ASIN feature, go to Product Opportunity Explorer. In the Search by Keyword or ASIN box, you can type in an ASIN and begin your search. If you need help, you can navigate directly to the Product Opportunity Explorer help page.


Brand Tailored Promotions 

Ecommerce News Roundup: July Recap

What is Brand Tailored Promotions?
Brand Tailored Promotions lets you create tailored discounts and offers for your current, past and prospective Amazon customers. Brand Tailored Promotions allows Brand Owners and Selling Partners to create exclusive discounts for customers who follow or buy from your brand. 

This helps you build loyal relationships with Amazon customers as well as potentially increase conversion.

Brand registered & No cost to promote this feature 

Tailored promotions may combine with other unrestricted promotions, deals and coupons. All the tailored promotions will be set as ‘Preferential’ meaning that if there are multiple preferential claim codes, the most beneficial promotion is applied. Tailored promotions will however combine with all promotions without claim…

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