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If you’ve been occupied with Christmas preparations and missed the latest Amazon news, here’s the November recap of the important updates for 2023.

Introducing Strategic Account Services: Essentials and Pro Plans

In the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, the Selling Partner Starter and 360 programs are now available as Strategic Account Services.

With Strategic Account Services, a trusted Amazon adviser can help you scale your business, reach new customers and increase sales with the following two services based on your business needs:

  • The Essentials plan (previously Amazon Selling Partner Starter) is designed for small and medium businesses and is focused on short-term growth.
  • The Pro plan (previously Amazon Selling Partner 360) is designed for larger businesses and is focused on medium- to long-term growth.

If you currently use our Starter or 360 programs, you’ll still work with a Marketplace Consultant to develop tailored business strategies in the following areas:

  • Catalogue Optimization: Get the tools to identify new product opportunities.
  • Fulfilment & Logistics: Receive specialized guidance on your logistics methods (whether Fulfilled by Merchant or Fulfilled by Amazon).
  • Expansion: Scale your business to reach new international and business customers.
  • Marketing: Unlock strategic, tailored insights, deals and advertising support.
  • Brand: Protect your brand and work with us to enhance your brand presence on Amazon.

To apply for Strategic Account Services, go to Application Form.

To learn more about Strategic Account Services plans, go to Selling Partner Plans.

Resource: https://sell.amazon.co.uk/programmes/strategic-account-services/

Segment and Re-engage Customers with new Customer Loyalty Analytics Dashboard

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