Ecwid vs BigCommerce: Which solution should you invest in for your company?

Both of these tools have proven to be powerful solutions for ecommerce retailers in the past. They both offer their own website building capabilities, access to a range of payment processing options, and a host of features to explore. However, BigCommerce and Ecwid have some core differences.

For instance, Ecwid is primarily designed to be an ecommerce add-on for existing websites and online platforms, while BigCommerce is a comprehensive all-in-one website builder. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re struggling to choose between the two options.

Quick Summary: Ecwid vs BigCommerce: Which is Best?

Need a quick answer to the question of whether to use BigCommerce or Ecwid?

Ultimately, BigCommerce stands out as the more comprehensive platform overall. It provides a far more comprehensive website builder, access to more advanced customer segmentation tools, and some fantastic omnichannel sales options.

However, if you’re simply upgrading your existing website with some new store features, Ecwid may be the better choice, with it’s affordable, and easy-to-use application.

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Ecwid vs BigCommerce: The Website Builders

Both Ecwid and BigCommerce will allow you to build a customized online presence where you can connect with your audience and manage transactions. However, BigCommerce does have a far more comprehensive website building system than Ecwid.


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Though Ecwid does offer customers the opportunity to build their own website, the tools of the platform are relatively simple. With Ecwid, you can create a site with around 30+ different design templates, and customize the layout and features using over 50 content blocks.

While it’s a little basic, the website builder is very easy to use, and there’s a comprehensive dashboard for managing product and category pages, adding images, and other features. Unfortunately, Ecwid does lack one of the…

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