Elastic Path is uniquely positioned to de-risk composable commerce by vastly reducing the cost, build, launch, host and manage multi-vendor solutions. This quarter our product and engineering teams worked diligently to deliver solutions that break the barrier to entry for composable and empower merchandisers to create unique experiences. In this blog, I’ll share some of the key product innovations over the last 3 months.


Elastic Path composer

Building on the mission to de-risk composable commerce by making it faster, easier and less expensive to build, launch, host and manage a multi-vendor commerce solution, we released Composer. Composer is the only commerce intelligent Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS). Composer is made up of three main core capabilities:

  • Integrations Hub (launched earlier this year): A library of no-code instant-on integrations that are fully hosted and managed by Elastic Path and deployed in minutes.
  • Builder: (released this quarter): A low-code integration designer that allows users to quickly and easily build integrations and business from a library of over 100 components and 1,500 actions.
  • Monitor: A self-service unified monitoring dashboard that with proactive altering on integration operations, including event tracking and log monitoring.

Composer will now be able to free-up developers time from time-consuming, low-value development tasks with instant-on integrations. It will reduce the Devops/CloudOps time by offloading integration management to Elastic Path. Composer will also help brands to adjust to business needs quickly by adjusting, adding or removing integrations at any time. In addition, brands will be able to minimize downtime and identify issues more quickly with proactive alerting for integration issues. They will also eliminate the cost of hosting for each individual integration which includes the 60% cost reduction for implementation by leveraging the Integrations Hub.

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