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[Updated post from July 13, 2021]

Outsourcing fulfillment provides a long list of benefits to your e-commerce business. In addition to time and labor savings, a reliable 3PL enables you to weather peaks and troughs in consumer demand more effectively. With your provider’s infrastructure and expertise at your disposal, you can transform the fulfillment process from a burden into a competitive advantage.

But there’s one thing that holds many e-commerce brands back from partnering with a 3PL; the fear of losing control over the brand experience.

Control over the customer journey from end to end is one of the biggest competitive advantages of D2C retailers. Instead of relying on wholesalers to showcase brand identity and products, D2Cs have a direct line to customers via their own sales and marketing channels. This gives D2C brands the ability to build a consistent brand identity and voice across multiple touchpoints, from a customer’s initial entry into their website to the moment of delivery.

By shaping every step of the order fulfillment process, D2Cs can inspire high levels of brand trust. Loyal customers know exactly what they’re getting, and can make their voices heard on what they like and dislike about the brand experience.

This unparalleled level of control can make outsourcing e-commerce fulfillment nerve-wracking for brands. They want to free up time and energy to focus on growing their business – but not at the cost of losing what makes their brand unique. 

But what if there was a way to achieve this level of flexibility and responsiveness, while still taking advantage of your fulfillment provider’s expertise?

Ryder E-commerce’s proprietary technology has you covered with Order Rules, an advanced automation solution that enables memorable brand experiences without the logistical…

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