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With consumer demand for speedy delivery at an all-time high, shipping costs regularly add up to become one of the biggest operational expenses for e-commerce businesses. Meeting expectations for fast shipping can be prohibitively expensive for smaller brands, yet the cost of not doing so can hamper brand growth and customer satisfaction.

Finding the optimal balance between shipping speed and cost is an ongoing challenge for e-commerce brands large and small. To build a cost-effective shipping strategy, this needs to be built into your fulfillment operation from the ground up.

Partnering with an experienced e-commerce provider enables brands to unlock advanced shipping optimization strategies that combine custom-tailored fulfillment services with in-house parcel expertise.

Thanks to their partnership with Ryder E-commerce, prenatal supplements brand FullWell has gained the following:

  • A centralized fulfillment strategy
  • Advanced cartonization
  • Shipping rate optimization
  • A 25% reduction in overall shipping costs
Collage of FullWell images: a person taking supplements, FullWell products, Whiplash’s fulfillment center, and illustration of a person ordering products online.

FullWell: High-quality supplements for prenatal health

FullWell was founded in 2019 by Ayla Barmmer, a Registered Dietitian at Boston Functional Nutrition who wanted to bring affordable prenatal products to men and women beyond her immediate client base. FullWell prioritizes taking a holistic approach to fertility wellness by designing approachable, direct-to-consumer supplements that can be easily integrated into busy lifestyles.

A relative newcomer to the highly competitive nutritional supplements space, FullWell has already built a trusted name for itself. Their prenatal vitamins have appeared in numerous ‘best picks’ lists by dietitians and fertility experts, resulting in rapid growth for the digitally-native brand. 

To keep pace with rising consumer demand, FullWell embarked on a…

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