Big changes are coming in 2024 to paid search. Chief among those is Google’s deprecation of third-party cookies by Q3. Advertisers will need to rely on their own first-party data. Artificial intelligence will change the way advertisers manage accounts. AI is an effective tool that complements advertisers’ efforts and cannot be ignored.

A strategy of “the more data, the better” will dominate.

First-party Data

Recent data-privacy restrictions (such as Apple Mail removing tracking parameters) confirm the importance of advertisers collecting and using their data. Effective data collection begins with the Google tag (formally called the global site tag). When placed sitewide, this short JavaScript tag allows for custom configurations, such as capturing email addresses and other user-provided info. The data is hashed to maintain users’ privacy.

The second data-collection step is via Google Ads’ enhanced conversions at Tools and Settings > Conversions > Settings. There are three items to configure:

  • “Customer data terms,”
  • “Enhanced conversions for leads,”
  • “Enhanced conversions.”

Accept “Customer data terms” to use enhanced conversions. Advertisers should set up enhanced conversions (through Google Tag Manager) so Google Ads can match user-provided data. For example, through enhanced conversions, Google can match a customer’s email or phone number as provided on the conversion event (checkout) page.

“Enhanced conversions for leads” is helpful to advertisers tracking offline sales.

Screenshot of the Google Ads interface showing the three items.Screenshot of the Google Ads interface showing the three items.

Collect data via Google Ads’ enhanced conversions, with three items to configure.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is upending search engines. Google Ads has already incorporated AI into its admin interface, including:

  • “Automatically created assets,”
  • “Image generator,”
  • “AI-powered insights.”

“Automatically created assets” are available in individual campaign settings. The feature allows Google to create headlines and descriptions…

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