Google Ads has long encouraged Performance Max campaigns. With the ability to target all channels — search, video, more — and with smart bidding options, Performance Max campaigns can drive more conversions and revenue.

Google recently announced options to upgrade Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) and Display campaigns to Performance Max. The upgrade is in the “Recommendations” tab in the admin.

Screenshot of Google Ads upgrade page

The Google Ads option to upgrade to Performance Max is in the admin’s “Recommendations” tab. Click image to enlarge.

The upgrade process takes existing assets, settings, and budget to create the new Performance Max campaign. Before the campaign goes live, Google shares the draft and any entities needing fixing. It’s imperative to review the campaign to ensure all entities are correct. Google’s algorithm can create the campaign but needs humans to finalize it.

Google provided in 2022 an upgrade option for Shopping campaigns. Thus Google now recommends that three campaign types — Shopping, DSA, Display — migrate to Performance Max. The question for advertisers isn’t whether to migrate but how.

At its recent annual Marketing Live events, Google demonstrated its growing commitment (and investment) in Performance Max, adding features monthly while deprecating legacy campaign types, such as Smart Shopping.

Here are three ways to wade into the Performance Max waters.

Upgrade Individual Campaigns

There’s little reason to upgrade, say, three DSA and four Display campaigns simultaneously. For example, a merchant with unique DSA campaigns for boots, sandals, and slippers could upgrade only sandals to Performance Max.

Regardless, the upgrade process requires a bit of tweaking. DSA campaigns use audiences and URL rules, while Performance Max uses audience signals and page feeds. Audiences target defined users while audience signals drive new users Google sees as relevant. Page feeds tell Google what URLs to target, but URL rules can both include and…

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