Google’s New Feature: AI-Powered Grammar Checker for Google Search

We’ve experienced it, “What was that again?”, “Is that correct?”, “Let me check on that”… and then we “Google It” with a quick search. But the funny thing is, most times our words make little sense or lack accuracy, because we’re typing too fast!

Thankfully, Google is finally putting an end to it. Let’s dive into their latest feature: an AI-powered grammar checker for Google search.

How to Use Google Search’s AI-Powered Grammar Check

Google is eyeing grammar-checking tools like Grammarly but theirs offers an edge in convenience. You do not need to download any software or tool, it’s already embedded in the Google search bar for desktop and mobile. Just keep Google Chrome updated!

The mechanics are simple. When you input specific activation phrases such as “grammar check,” “check grammar,” or “grammar checker,” the tool springs into action. If it detects any errors, including spelling mistakes, Google will provide a rewritten version of the sentence, highlighting the changes. 

This makes it incredibly user-friendly, as you can easily copy the corrected phrase or sentence by merely hovering over it. Here are examples based on regular conversations and searches that we have.

Example 1: “I am good in…

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