The method

This new dropshipping method utilizes a number of tools that allow you to list a large amount of products found on Aliexpress onto Amazon, meaning you can get a lot of traffic just because you have a lot of products listed, increasing your chances of selling a product, if you listed on Amazon manually it would take a considerably longer amount of time and you wouldn’t have additional functionality which I will talk about.

Your main sales channel will be Amazon US as Shopify doesn’t support any other regions of Amazon at the moment.

Pros of selling on Amazon

  • Millions of free traffic for your products
  • Built in advertisement tools

Cons of selling on Amazon

  • % based fee on every sale
  • 7 day earnings reserve on every order

The tools

Aliexpress – Your inventory source

Shopify – This website will house your inventory and communicate with Amazon and Oberlo

Oberlo – This tool will allow you to import products from Aliexpress while keeping sync of stock, it will also load up the corresponding Aliexpress product page when you get an order which is an imperative feature as you will have hundreds of products that you won’t be able to keep track of manually. Oberlo has now been fully integrated with Shopify.

Alibonus – This tool gives you cashback when making purchases on Aliexpress, there are couple tiers, starting at 7% going up to 10%, you can read in depth about it here. A good alternative is also epnCashback.

Keyword Tool Dominator – A neat little tool that allows you to peer into Amazon search data to optimize your listing keywords

Expected earnings ( based on my data )

I sold 7 products in march for a total profit of around $200, depending on what you sell and how much work you put into this method you should expect at least 5-10…

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