Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) have now come and gone, with a full focus now on the holiday retail season. For ecommerce brands, Q4 is the big star of the year and a period in time where brands can acquire more customers, build upon the yearly momentum, and grow revenue. 

Based on Shopify’s data, this Black Friday and Cyber Monday was a record-breaking period, where Shopify merchants reached $9.3 billion in global sales, a 24% increase from 2022. 

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are done, the question for ecommerce brands remains: How do you continue your momentum and build loyalty after BFCM? 

We highlight two ecommerce brands that share insights on how to continue building your community and growing post-Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM).

Nina Berenato Jewelry engages through its loyalty program 

Nina Berenato Jewelry is a jewelry brand with locations throughout Texas. From gold-plated jewelry to permanent jewelry, Nina Berenato Jewelry is handcrafted by founder Nina Berenato and her all-woman team in Austin, Texas. 

BFCM is an acquisition period for Nina Berenato Jewelry through both in-store and online shopping. The ecommerce brand runs two major sales throughout the year, one during Cyber Monday and another in July for its sample sale. The brand engages customers after BFCM through its loyalty program, NB Girl Gang. By having customers sign up for its loyalty program, they are more incentivized to come back, whether online or in-store. 


“We discuss the program a lot in-store because if people were just planning on coming in-store once and shopping, we then have them to hopefully stay, earn points, and keep shopping,” Marketing…

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