Hello! Who are you, and what business did you start?

My name is Rory, and I’ve spent nearly a decade writing magic tricks for TV shows worldwide. The new company I launched this year is Book A Magician. It’s an online directory of professional magicians, which will someday become a full-feature booking platform.

The core goal of the site is to make it easier to find and hire professional magicians to perform at weddings, birthday and Christmas parties, and any other private events. The key differentiator is that our platform is built specifically for magicians and with a high-quality threshold. We only book great gigs for great performers.

Our customers are professional magicians making $26k+ annually performing at corporate events and private parties. These magicians would usually get most of their gigs via referrals.

Still, having looked at the Google search data, I believe this could be because there is currently no easy way to find and hire a magician online.

The platform launched three months ago. We currently feature 103 magicians on the platform in countries worldwide. There’s an annual fee of $299; we take zero commission on gigs.


What’s your backstory, and how did you come up with the idea?

My background is in TV writing for comedy, and entertainment shows like Magic For Humans on Netflix. Over the years, I’ve worked with more and more magicians. During the pandemic, few television projects were in production, so I began writing a newsletter for magicians called One Ahead on Substack.

The project eventually grew big enough to spin off as its independent paid publication at oneahead.com with over 15,000 monthly readers.

Since writing the newsletter, I’ve kept an open mind for good upsells like trick tutorials, online seminars, and unique magic props. The focus is always to find complementary Saas product ideas for professional magicians or enthusiastic hobbyists, which customers pay for as a subscription

I was at a convention earlier this year in…

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