Join us on the latest episode of the Ecwid Ecommerce Show as we dive deep into the sizzling topic of utilizing AI for businesses. Our special guest, Matt Wolfe from Future Tools, shares invaluable insights. Matt has lots to share as the mastermind behind the website that curates and streamlines AI tools. Tune into the episode to expand your knowledge and stay ahead of the game!

Getting the Best Results with Prompts

Matt shares his perspective on prompt engineering when using AI in ecommerce. The idea of prompt engineering may intimidate some users who think they need an engineering background to use such tools. However, the goal is to make these tools accessible to all users by focusing on natural language interactions.

Using AI for SEO

Matt Wolfe talks about his experience using SEO plugins, which scan a website and suggest improvements for search engine optimization, like adding alt text to images. SEO plugins can give tailored advice for specific websites. They help website owners looking to improve their rankings.

Ethical Debates Around AI Art

Many existing AI generation tools train using databases of images not intended to be used with these tools. Many critics question whether it’s fair for an AI tool to generate artwork that looks like a specific artist’s work without their consent.

Matt highlights that newer models of AI generation tools are starting to be opt-in, meaning artists must consent to their work being used for training. More recent models also explore royalty structures to ensure existing artists receive compensation if new art is developed based on their artwork.

Improving Ecommerce Images with AI Tools

Matt suggests using AI-based tools to improve low-quality product pictures. Many tools are available to upscale images and improve their quality.

Some tools help fill in the gaps when an image is scaled up, resulting in clean, high-quality images. Some tools allow reverse…

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