62% of business leaders across industries have invested in AI to help their employees. Of those, 71% have seen a positive ROI, and 72% report increased employee productivity.

team uses ai to improve the customer experience

But how does AI stack up when it comes to customer experience specifically?

Keep reading to learn how to leverage AI-driven customer experiences — and why you should.

How AI Impacts the Customer Experience

How You Can Leverage AI to Improve the Customer Experience

8 Tips for Getting Started

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How AI Impacts the Customer Experience

Using data-driven insights, we’ll show you how AI can impact the customer experience through support, marketing, sales, and more.

We also share expert insights about potential drawbacks so you can implement AI solutions the right way.

Improved Customer Service

A significant advantage of using AI in customer service is the potential to offer 24/7 assistance. In fact, this is the most significant benefit, according to customer service professionals surveyed for The State of AI Report.

The third most popular use case for AI/automation in service is using chatbots and self-service tools to facilitate this round-the-clock support. Routing requests to reps is the most popular AI use case cited by customer service pros.

Further, 84% of customer service reps say these solutions make it easier to respond to support tickets. Meanwhile, 64% say AI helps make customer interactions more personalized.

Data to support AI customer experience and the impact in service from The State of AI Report.

The impact: Chatbots provide the support infrastructure to offer 24/7 support, and AI solutions help reps respond to queries faster. That means customers typically experience shorter wait times.

To top it off, they may also receive more tailored responses from service agents.

Overall, this reduces frustration — and thus, friction — across the support journey. And that makes for a smoother customer experience.

Potential Drawback: Risk of Losing High-End Customers

“One of the main downsides of using AI in customer service is potentially losing high-end customers due to a…

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