Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic, especially in the digital marketing world. The ability to gather and analyze data in a short amount of time is revolutionizing companies’ approach to digital marketing. In this article, we will explore artificial intelligence in marketing and the future of digital marketing.

Future of Digital Marketing

With ever-evolving tools, trends, and technology, digital marketing can capitalize on these opportunities. It can be overwhelming to keep up with these tools, trends, and technology but in the end, it will be totally worth it.

Voice-powered everything

Smart speakers and assistants have been popular since 2017 when Amazon Alexa and Google Home appeared on the market. Mobile technology will also continue to grow as hands-free options have become increasingly more popular. It is estimated that over half of all queries are powered by voice search. Because of this growth, voice-powered smart devices will provide more marketing opportunities to those who own them.

AI-powered marketing and support technology 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been expanding the possibilities for the future of digital marketing. Chatbots will become a customer service standard and start replacing live agents. Machine learning algorithms are growing more complex and are able to emulate human beings with accuracy. This is a scary thought to think about. Marketing is becoming more conversational and personalized. Chatbots are a way to take advantage of this trend without additional manpower and resources.

Video overtaking all other digital channels

Savvy video marketers have been using video marketing since 2015. We have not fully arrived but video marketing is a powerful medium. There has been a massive rise in live-streaming videos over the past year. Video marketing can be incredibly effective at boosting engagement levels. Customers crave videos so video marketing shows no signs of slowing down. YouTube is…

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