Cultural differences in global ecommerce: mother with a child in a shopping cart in a supermarket

If your client portfolio includes international ecommerce buyers or you expect them in the future, have you optimized buyer experience for your international customers?

Failing to incorporate the concept of cultural diversity into your sales & communications strategy can cost your ecommerce business money and lost sales potential.

Cultural differences relate to everyday communication, Internet usage, marketing & advertising, ecommerce trust, seasonal sales potential, color perception and much more.

Read more about how to accommodate online buyers from different cultural backgrounds.

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Communication with your international customers

To maximize chances of effective communication with foreign buyers, accommodate their cultural peculiarities. It’s not only about overcoming the language barrier, but also knowing how to use a language.

In terms of everyday communication and the tone of voice, let’s take Germans as an example. They prefer a very formal communication tone, which contrasts with Americans who gravitate towards a more casual approach.

As a result, your business approach to Germans should be more formal and impersonal, e.g. you should use the form “Sie” or “Frau/Herr” (Mr/Ms) rather than the more casual you so commonly used in English-speaking countries.

Understanding cultural differences can prevent awkward moments.

The Chinese, for instance, may speak in higher voices and sound louder. In some cultures it can be incorrectly perceived as hostile. Awareness is the starting point.

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Cultural differences affect ecommerce shoppers’ feeling of security

The degree to which buyers perceive sharing sensitive/personal data as safe, e.g. in the case of online purchases, varies across countries. Ignorance is not bliss: if online buyers don’t feel safe entering…

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