eBay Promoted Listings Advanced ads have come out of beta just in time for Holiday 2023. These cost-per-click ads give sellers and brands “priority access to placements across eBay” with targeting and budgeting options that make advertising on eBay more turnkey—and affordable—than you might think.

chart describing eBay ad revenue 2021-2025 with ad revenue increasing in 2023

Source: https://forecasts-na1.emarketer.com/5f8e4adc8b63e9055c1aa495/5f8e488ec3cda501d83018be

“The importance of advertising on eBay is heightened compared to platforms like Amazon due to the absence of shared listing pages. Unlike Amazon, where multiple sellers offering the same product share one page, eBay assigns individual pages to each seller. This makes effective advertising on eBay crucial for standing out amidst the expansive inventory and ensuring visibility.”

Stuart Clay

Stuart Clay, Director of Commerce Strategic Services at Tinuiti

What is Promoted Listings Advanced (PLA)?

eBay Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns enable Above Standard and Top Rated Sellers to have their listings appear at the top of the search results for a specific search keyword or phrase, as one of up to 4 sponsored listings. Three additional cross-platform premium placements are also available via keyword and budgeting controls.

If you are promoting the same listings through both Standard and Advanced campaigns, only one will appear within the same set of search results. It’s important to optimize your listings for Best Match to increase the likelihood of performing well in Advanced campaigns.

“Previously, ads from Advanced campaigns could appear across eBay sites where the correspondent listings were eligible for sale. However, the average cost-per-click rate was not advantageous and sales conversion rates were quite low. That is why Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns are now limited to the site where the items are listed, in order to improve performance.”eBay

PLA campaigns operate on a second-price auction pay-per-click model. Similar to Walmart’s advanced…

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