Hello! Who are you and what business did you start?

Hello there, my name is Jordan Peterson, and I’m the proud founder of Allbe Canada, a health supplement venture nestled in the heart of Canada. Our story is unique, like our products.

Our journey began with the objective to enhance the quality of people’s lives through our scientifically backed, high-quality supplements.

Our flagship product, NMN 4500, is a testament to our commitment to helping our customers achieve optimal health. Predominantly, our customers are individuals who are proactive about their health, who value and understand the significance of good nutrition, and how it underpins a life well-lived.

Today, we’re generating annual revenue in the ballpark of 7 figures, a figure that exemplifies our relentless commitment and the trust of our health-conscious customers.


What’s your backstory and how did you come up with the idea?

I’ve always been a health enthusiast, always curious about how our bodies work and how we can enhance their performance through diet and supplementation. My background is in nutritional science as a lecturer at a medical school, which gave me the foundation to understand the complexity of human health and nutrition.

However, the true motivation behind founding Allbe Canada came from something other than my professional background, but a personal experience.

I distinctly remember the day my mother was diagnosed with a chronic disease. The reality that her health could be improved by altering her lifestyle habits, including nutrition, was a major wake-up call. I began researching extensively, exploring the potential of dietary supplements in supporting overall health. The idea for Allbe Canada sparked during this time, to create a product that could support people’s health naturally and holistically.

I knew NMN 4500 was the right idea when I saw its potential impact during the testing phase. We conducted extensive trials and research, which confirmed its benefits. This was not…

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