Hello! Who are you and what business did you start?

My name is Muhammad Sami and I am the co-founder of Bodybrics – the first Pakistan activewear brand designed for athletes. I founded the company in 2017 but had no prior experience in clothing or e-commerce.

Our target market are athletes between the age of 18-40 who value their sense of style, comfort, and are looking for slim-fitting compression types of clothing. We were one of the first to market in the activewear industry in Pakistan.

We focus primarily on items such as training t-shirts designed specifically to wick sweat and keep you dry. Our collection includes jogger pants, tracksuits, sports bras, leggings and gym accessories.

Our flagship product is the opulence tracksuit. It was one of the first to market and offered athletes an alternative to international brands that had been creating the same designs for decades.

This opulence tracksuit was tailored to fit the athlete like a second skin and was a completely new design for the market. We designed this tracksuit by taking body measurements of 10 athletes of different shapes and sizes. This helped us to create a fitted pattern that has lasted till this day and generated thousands of sales for our company.

As a one-man army, I have been able to scale this business to an average of $5,000 MRR and have grown to 20.5k followers on Instagram, and 21k followers on Facebook.

I think the most important trait of an entrepreneur is the will for continuous learning. It’s what got me to this stage without having any prior knowledge of this field when I started the business.


Opulence tracksuit

What’s your backstory and how did you come up with the idea?

I grew up in Pakistan and went to Malaysia to study Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. After my studies, I was more interested in starting a business because the success of my brother in business inspired me.

I did my Masters in research and worked in Engineering for 2 years, but entrepreneurship caught my…

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