When it comes to selling online, the first question that does(and should) come to mind is what to sell online! It’s quite probably the hardest part of starting a store, and if this step is executed correctly, you’ve already won half of the battle.

However, picking something to sell online is kind of like playing Jenga. There are no “perfect” niches, but you have to find one where you can sacrifice certain things(remove Jenga blocks) and still keep the tower upright!

Nearly a year after converting Fish Finder Source into an Amazon Affiliates website and being out of actually running a physical store, I’m now back in the game. I was constantly on the lookout for a good niche, and wasn’t seeming to come across any until just recently.

At this point, I’m not going to share the exact niche(you guys know why and understand, too), but I will let on this much: it’s related to the auto industry.

There have been some really awesome posts about selling online – notably by Andrew Youderian, Richard Lazazzera, and Will Mitchell, so I’m going to combine all of that wisdom, mix in some of my own experiences, and walk you through how I chose this product.

Choosing something to sell online is a two-step process. One is actually finding something, and the other is validating that idea with research.

This post actually focuses more on the initial validation rather than actually digging around – but let’s start off with a little bit on the actual digging, then get into the validation part.

Coming up with ideas

I’ve talked about ways to come up with ideas in a course that I published a few months ago, and I’ll list them here, too, with an added idea that I came up with a while later.

Method 1: Random browsing

The basic suspects are always the same – check out Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay, and just browse through their category trees to see what products there are and keep browsing until you see something interesting.

I must admit that this method is a…

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