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James Hill hasn’t always had a place in the food and beverage industry, but he has nurtured a long-standing passion for health and wellbeing. After a chance encounter with an incredible “super food” during a trip to Mexico, he discovered an opportunity to create a product like no other.

Focused on building a business that put the customer first, James created the BetterDays brand, designing a beverage that combines all-natural ingredients, with genuine health benefits.

Thanks to a unique formula, a commitment to brand transparency, and a dedication to building strong relationships with his customers, James has built a massive following around his brand.

Now, he’s ready to expand, branching out into new pipeline ideas that will help even more customers discover the benefit of his natural drinks.

Keep reading to find out about:

  • How James discovered the magic or prickly pears
  • The philosophy that drives the BetterDay business
  • What turned James’ company into an innovator in its field
  • How James delivers exceptional experiences to customers
  • The challenges James has overcome on the road to success
  • The biggest accomplishments of the BetterDays business
  • What James wish he had known when he first started
  • The biggest mistake James made when growing his business
  • The advice James would give to aspiring entrepreneurs
  • The platform James uses for online sales
  • How BetterDays strives to have a positive impact on its community
  • What the future looks like for BetterDays
  • How James approaches leadership
  • James’ biggest fear in the digital marketplace

Meet James Hill

I am the CEO and founder of BetterDays Cactus Water. I come from a Sales & marketing background and this is my first foray into the Food & Beverage industry. I have run my own businesses before, previously having started an online sweatshirt business call GOOD CMPNY.

I am passionate about health and wellness and anything that helps people to get the best out of themselves.

On weekends you’ll find me…

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