How you use Google will change as the search engine rolls out Google Search Generative Experience (SGE). SGE is Google’s way of efficiently using AI to answer complex or multi-step searches.

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The feature could result in a better user experience, but how can SGE and other Google Search changes affect your website traffic? And how can marketers optimize their web strategy to keep up with this change?

This article will explore SGE, other Google Search changes, and how web and SEO professionals prepare for this new SERPs landscape.

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What is SGE?

SGE integrates generative AI capabilities with Google Search results. Now, Google Search works via a process in which a web crawler visits websites to collect and index information.

Google ranks this information via its algorithm, which is constantly evolving to provide users with the latest and most relevant information. However, this process changes with the addition of SGE.

SGE uses a large language model for content and query capabilities, enabling generative AI to deduce results and recommend relevant content while providing users with a simple and quick experience

The idea is that Google will answer your questions, so you won‘t have to click through multiple links or type in a new query to find what you’re looking for.

For example, writer Jay Peters from The Verge used SGE to search “Where can I watch Ted Lasso?”

Instead of displaying links containing the answer, the AI-generated response says the show is available exclusively on Apple+, and the streaming service costs $6.99 per month.

SGE results also included a plot summary and three links with additional information. Google calls this form of content display “AI Snapshot.”

Screenshot of AI Snapshot


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What other changes are coming to Google Search?

Once SGE launches everywhere, Google users will notice a few differences in how the results of their inquiries are displayed. AI Snapshots is a link carousel that users will likely see first, generating the most…

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