The holiday season is a unique opportunity for small brands to shine, as customer sentiment is malleable, and word-of-mouth referrals are naturally inclined with gift-giving. Over the last few years, a significant shift has been made towards supporting local and small businesses. People are increasingly looking to purchase from smaller ecommerce brands instead of big-box companies during the holidays.

To capitalize on this shift and compete with larger businesses, smaller companies can employ an effective (and often overlooked) strategy of custom, sustainable branded packaging. This is a game-changer for small brands looking to “play big” and make a lasting impression on both the gifter and receiver over the holiday season.

The rise of sustainable, custom packaging

To level the playing field, companies like Arka allow small brands to access a range of eco-friendly packaging materials, custom sizes, product inserts, and even unique, customizable holiday-themed packaging tape. Businesses no longer need to compromise sustainability for cost—they can create a cost-efficient, memorable unboxing experience that is still kind to the planet.

How to Build Customer Loyalty with Your Order Packaging

Your order packaging gives you a unique opportunity to build a relationship with your customers. Learn how not to waste it!

Four ways to win the holiday season

1. Design holiday-specific product bundles

Creating holiday product bundles offers customers better value and presents an opportunity to design packaging that enhances the gifting experience. Once the products for the bundle have been chosen, the focus can be on packaging dimensions that snugly hold those items in place. 

Custom packaging inserts can add an additional layer of professionalism and surprise, ensuring that every part of the unboxing experience is memorable. Correct dimensions and structural packaging can minimize product damage, lower shipping costs (by having a smaller footprint), and improve the unboxing…

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