On Weston Table’s ecommerce website visitors are greeted with colorful lifestyle photography, step-by-step tutorials accompanied by illustrations, blog posts, and recipes. It looks like a home decor magazine. 

That’s because founder Dianne O’Connor first launched Weston Table as a lifestyle, travel, and food blog. And even when she decided to monetize the blog by selling home goods,she still wanted Weston Table to  feel like an entertainment platform first..

Dianne looked to magazine design for inspiration. That meant considering new typefaces, using color transitions, and even wireframing the website on paper.

Dianne keeps Weston Table’s website fresh every season—just like the publication cycle of a magazine—with thousands of unique home products. Here’s her blueprint for making that happen smoothly.

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Building for a bigger audience

From the beginning, Dianne knew she didn’t want Weston Table to look like any other ecommerce website. She had a clear vision of how she wanted the site to work, and she needed a tech stack that could support it. That meant thinking ahead. 

“I invested in Shopify Plus when we only had $250,000 in revenue,” Dianne says. Shopify’s enterprise solution offered her the scalability and customization she needed and Weston Table grew sales as much as 300% year-over-year.

Changing with the seasons

Dianne attributes much of Weston Table’s success to the website’s constant newness. The company entirely overhauls the site every three months. The colors, layout, and photography reflect each approaching season.

an outdoor table setting
Seasonal accents help keep the photography on the Weston Table website current. Weston Table

“It’s not much of an entertainment platform if people come back and there’s nothing new,” Dianne says. “So we try to tell new storylines every three months.” She explains that the team plans months in advance and does most of the creative in-house….

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