Usually, the reaction to face blemishes is to cover them up or make them disappear. Starface went against the grain, building a successful business that aims to highlight imperfections, not hide them. The brand’s popular star-shaped acne treatment patches make a fashion statement on the faces of customers everywhere. 

Since launching in 2019, Starface has sold more than 77 million acne stars to date. That’s 49 sold every minute! One of the ways the brand scaled so quickly is through partnerships with properties like Hello Kitty and SpongeBob SquarePants, allowing Starface to reach new customers and change their skin care attitudes. 

Kara Brothers, president of Starface, shares how these incredible partnerships came to be, and how integral team culture and positive work environment are to the company’s success.

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Defining communications styles and tools 

Kara was the seventh employee to join the team, and at the time, Starface had already found product-market fit, but the company was still missing something. 

A model poses with two blue hydro-stars + salicylic acid.
Starface’s core product—star-shaped acne patches—found its audience among bold, fashionable young people. Starface

The internal organization was so new and fresh, Kara explains, that it was her responsibility to define the company’s communication styles. “What that means was bringing out some very bare bones communications practices, so things like all-hands [meetings], Slack, Dropbox, and Google Drive,” Kara says. 

Her overall priority was clear from day one—to organize a set of systems to make everyone’s job a little bit easier. 

Hiring intentionally 

Finding people with strong communication skills is vital to the continued success of Starface. Kara has found it best to hire slowly and intentionally, with your company’s values top of mind. 

Kara asks a lot of tough questions during the hiring process to ensure she’s selecting the best candidate for the job:…

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