A domain name is more than a URL where people can find you online. It’s how you express your identity and build a brand.

Of course, when choosing the right domain name, there are many things to consider.

Such as:

  • What should a customer feel when they hear your domain name?
  • Does your domain name cover all the products and services you sell
  • Should you include keywords for SEO or go with a brandable domain?

Fortunately, while domains are affordable and easy to register, it takes some effort to find the perfect domain name—which is why we put together this guide.

With domain name examples from the best ecommerce websites and tools to generate business name ideas you can start an online store right away and get selling fast.

Explore this guide 🤓

How to choose the best domain name

  1. Keep your domain name short, brandable, and memorable
  2. Avoid hyphens and numbers
  3. Choose a .com domain name
  4. Check for other top level domains like ccTLD’s or .shop
  5. Include SEO keywords in your domain name, if possible
  6. Use a domain name generator for inspiration
  7. Research your desired domain name

1. Keep your domain name short, brandable, and memorable

If you’re fortunate to already have a brand name, you’ll definitely want to try and register it as your domain. This makes it easier for people to find you online and connect your business to your website. If possible, you’ll want to have the .com, but .co and .net maybe suitable alternatives.

Regardless of the name you choose: keep it short, concise, and easy to remember.

Aim to:

  • Keep your domain name under 15 characters
  • Avoid slang (ie, don’t use “U” instead of “you”)
  • Avoid words with complex spelling and meanings

For example, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s online store could have used thelacountymuseumofartstore.org. Do you see something off here? Beside the domain being too long, what stands out are the words “fart store”—not the best…

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