There are few times more exciting in a company than a product launch. Anticipation brews among the team and a sense of optimism emerges around the prospect of a growth in market share.

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Still, this question always arises when a new product launches: Will this campaign be successful?

There are multiple avenues through which to communicate during a product launch, yet one of the most underrated and effective is a product launch email.

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In this post, we’ll walk you through how to write the perfect product launch email, including suggestions for subject lines and an outline for the ideal product launch email sequence.

These actions don’t stop at making a purchase—they rarely do. Product launch emails typically feature CTAs that ask the reader to join a waitlist, pre-order the product, or sign up to beta-test it before its release.

While the primary purpose of a product launch email is to further the overall go-to-market strategy of the product, it does have another benefit. Each new product or feature also furthers the brand of the company, so product communications like launch emails can serve as official brand communications during the campaign. Because of this, it’s important to work collaboratively across your internal teams to create the best product launch email possible.

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