In recent years, the grocery and food ordering industry has undergone seismic changes, paving the way for online, with small businesses such as bakeries launching websites to expand their customer reach. Further, the rising urbanization and modern lifestyle changes have led consumers to ready-to-eat convenient food items, steadily increasing the demand for bakery items. According to research, the global bakery market is expected to reach $436.91 Billion by 2026 and the global online bakery market is expected to reach $32.6 Billion for the projected period.

In this blog, we discuss all about creating an online bakery website, but first, we talk about the trends driving the popularity of bakery products in the age of eCommerce, reasons to go digital, working of an online bakery platform, revenue generation streams and so much more.

From ancient civilizations to modern times, baking has played a significant role in the history of food, curbing the hunger of countless people. It can be traced back to 2600-1200 BC when the Egyptians baked the first bread. Today, with the emergence of eCommerce, there is a transition in the behavior of how consumers shop baked products. In this section, we discuss a few trends that are driving the popularity of baked goods in the age of eCommerce.  

Growing Demand For Convenience

Convenience drives the bakery market, i.e., in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, convenience is the foremost thing that an individual craves. Long working hours make it difficult for people to spend time cooking. Hence, a hectic lifestyle boosts the consumption of convenient baked products like bread, cookies, frozen pizza, and more. So, a bakery marketplace proves to be a convenient place to order bakery products at the touch of a button.

Increasing Consumer Inclination Towards Healthy Baked Products

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, health has become a top priority worldwide. As a…

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