Increasing product page conversions can be overwhelming. Even if you have the smoothest checkout process, and various online Ads, if your product page is not optimized, there is a good chance you will struggle to make a sale online. To inspire people to make the purchase, you need to outline strategies that help bring in more conversions. Keeping in mind, the most challenging ecommerce stores go through, we have come up with a friendly guide, that explains how you can enhance your ecommerce product page and earn what you deserve. Adding customer reviews, using high-quality images and videos, and leveraging the psychology of customer behavior, are a few of the tips that we will share with you in the blog. Want to receive more orders for your ecommerce store? Read our blog all the way through.

How to Boost Product Page Conversions?

Before we get into details, here are some important elements of the high-converting product page, that you should take care of:

·        Include customer reviews

·        Use high-quality Images & Videos

·        Add trust badges

·        Understand customer’s psychology

·        Add product description and features

Include Customer Reviews

You can maximize your advertising budget, in order to increase conversions, but it won’t create an impact as strong as customers’ recommendations. When a user lands on your product page, the only thing that can help in building their trust in your product is by reading what former customers has to say. Online reviews not only help in building an emotional connection between the customer and the product but also push them towards making a firm purchasing decision. According to the latest research, these statistics proved the following:

·        More than 65% of customers don’t take action unless they have read reviews.

·        Around 80% have built trust in the product by reading the reviews.

·        Displaying reviews increases conversions by up to…

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