The volume of sales you’ll process through your ecommerce website depends on the effectiveness of your checkout. Research shows almost 70% of shoppers who’ve added an item to their online cart abandon the checkout process without completing their order.

As part of conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy, you want to make the ecommerce checkout process as smooth and friction-free as possible, while still collecting the information you need to process an order.

From adding multiple payment methods to using trust badges on the checkout page to enabling chat support, there are a number of ways to improve the online shopping experience for your customers. Use these ecommerce checkout optimization tips to recoup lost revenue and improve your store’s conversion rate.

11 ecommerce checkout best practices

  1. Showcase trust signals on the checkout page
  2. Make the checkout process mobile friendly
  3. Show a checkout process bar
  4. Allow multiple payment methods
  5. Autofill shipping and billing address
  6. Use upsells or cross-sells
  7. Allow guest checkout
  8. Enable chat support in the ecommerce checkout process
  9. Offer 1-click checkout
  10. Hide the discount code field
  11. Remove additional costs

1. Showcase trust signals on the checkout page

A man sits at a desk typing on a laptopOnline shoppers purchase from brands they trust. But your mission to build trust doesn’t end once they’ve added an item to their online shopping cart. Continue proving to potential customers that your ecommerce website can be trusted with sensitive payment information via trust signals.

Trust signals do what they say on the tin: reassure customers your business can be trusted with sensitive information (most importantly, their credit card details). Examples of trust signals you can use throughout an online checkout include:

2. Make the checkout process mobile friendly

In 2021, nearly one-third of US internet users used their mobile device to make a purchase each week. A mobile-friendly checkout encourages these shoppers to complete the transaction.

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