PPC landing pages are the newest incarnation of an age-old sales problem: How do you keep warm bodies in their seats long enough to hear your message?

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In the digital age, the key is to craft effective PPC landing pages that entice customers to stay, read, and follow the path you’ve carved — a customer journey from curiosity to conversion.

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Stick with us as I explain and explore PPC landing pages and the elements that make them work. I’ll then share some great PPC landing pages, examples, and tools you can use to plan, execute, and analyze your PPC campaigns.

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5 Elements of a Great PPC Landing Page

While there’s so much more to know about landing pages in general, there are five must-have elements in any great PPC landing page, specifically.

Each of these critical elements has an important job to do, and they build on each other to convince the customer to act.

1. Include strong and relevant visuals to grab their attention.

Eyes lead, so you’ll need strong visuals that are directly relevant to:

  • Whatever you are selling.
  • The wording of the ad you created that led your customer to the landing page.
  • Ideally, the wording of your call to action (CTA) as well.

When your audience arrives at your PPC landing page, they should see thematic echoes of the ad they clicked. Strong and relevant images give them confidence that they are in the right place and weren’t swindled into clicking some wayward, spammy link.

Place your hero image near the top of your landing page so it draws attention immediately. If you can, tie the images you choose to your CTA messaging as…

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