Holiday shopping is arguably the busiest time of the year for retailers since it is when consumers usually get into a buying frenzy. While the period usually generates an influx of online orders for eCommerce businesses, customers and retailers must deal with a recurring but rather dreadful reality this 2022 holiday season – shipping deadlines. 

As last-minute shoppers make their last-minute purchases, the biggest concern on their minds will be whether their order will arrive at their destination on time. Retailers will need to be proactive in managing customer anxiety and expectations by being transparent with shipping cutoff dates during this period. 

This post contains actionable advice to help you effectively communicate shipping deadlines, eliminate customer anxiety, avoid late deliveries, and provide a superior experience during the 2022 holiday season.

What you need to know about 2022 holiday shipping cutoff dates

Holiday shipping cutoffs refer to the latest date by which you have to ship an order for it to arrive at the intended destination by the expected date of delivery. You may also call it the shipping deadline, and failing to ship the order by that date could result in the package not getting to its destination in time for the holidays. 

Due to an influx of holiday orders, carriers are usually under enormous pressure to ship in large volumes. So they use cutoff dates to plan and manage their shipping activities and spread out deliveries. Each carrier will release its own cutoff dates for every type of service and location ahead of time to help merchants create effective shipping strategies around the deadlines. 

How to manage holiday shipping deadlines and customer expectations 

To ensure that the holiday season is successful for you and your customers alike, they need to be made aware of the holiday cutoff dates. If you’re wondering how to handle the deadlines and meet their expectations, you only need to do one thing:


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