So you woke up this morning and decided you want to be an entrepreneur. That’s great! But wait, you don’t know how to start a business with no money! Uh oh, that’s not so great. No money to start a business must mean you can never do it right? Wrong. People come up with loads of reasons why they can’t start a business and having no money is usually up there.

I know at this stage a lot of you are thinking of businesses that absolutely do need money to start and yeah you’re right there are many businesses that 100% need capital to start. Try building a property empire with no money? And yes you’d be right, you do need money for that. The truth is though, that you need to start small if you are a nobody in business. There are so many ways you can start without needing any money, I’ve listed a couple of examples below.

Start your business small

When you first start a business you’ll want to test out your business idea first of all. We recommend starting out small with friends and family, asking them for feedback and sharing either your products or services on their social media channels. This can help you graduate to advertise your business for free with word of mouth. This is still a powerful tactic that many businesses use to create hype around a product or launch.

Utilise a marketplace

Once there’s a tug on the line so to speak, you may want to take your business idea from selling to friends and family to an online marketplace. There are plenty out there to choose from but may depend on what kind of product you’re selling.

Etsy for example, only allows handcrafted items to be sold on their platform while on others like eBay you can sell pretty much anything. Again it will all depend on who you’re targeting with your products, where they are likely to shop etc. Do be aware that even though marketplaces like these are extremely useful for…

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