If you’re an entrepreneur who is eager to burn the midnight oil with a new business venture, we’ve got a potential business idea for you: selling homemade candles.

When it comes to creating a product that’s practical and hot (literally and figuratively), learning how to make candles is a skillset that’s useful even for the hesitant DIYer.

So, if you’re curious about how to make homemade candles and start a candle business, it’s time to learn how you can make money online with this trending product.

Start your online candle business

Why start a candle business?

Candles are an essential decor item—an industry set to eclipse 10 billion in global sales by 2032, according to Expert Market Research. 

In past years, the commercial use of candles has seen a sharp increase, with spa and massage using scented candles for aromatherapy, and restaurants creating soft, moody environments for customers. 

Consumers buy candles as home decor accents as well as for relaxation and stress reduction, according to the National Candle Association. Taking a quick look on Google Trends shows us that global interest for homemade candles is consistent. And while candles may be used for various purposes across the globe, most of the searches for homemade candles are concentrated around North America, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa. This is great intel for candlemakers looking to find a market for their DIY products.

In addition to the popularity of this hot product, candles offer business owners a number of other benefits, including:

  • Low cost entry. Granted, some homemade candle varieties require pricier materials than others, but in general, candlemakers can create their wares with very little cash up front.
  • Easy to sell anywhere. Want to sell your home decor items at craft fairs and local markets? Homemade candles travel well, so you can sell them both online and offline.
  • Scalable craft to learn. Whether you’re a DIY master or a crafting newbie, the…

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