A few decades ago, creating an online store felt daunting: you had to code your hands off before making your first sale. Since then, eCommerce has evolved drastically, bringing in new technologies and changing how people shop and sell online.

Today, getting an online store tailored to your unique business needs still calls for a clear-cut strategy and the right software solutions in your corner. What changed are buyer expectations and preferences regarding payment options and user experience. This is why using old methods like writing code from scratch and using on-premise software or a SaaS-based solution won’t work as effectively as you expected.

From developing a killer business plan to picking the right software to mapping out an effective marketing strategy, the whole process may look complicated unless you split it into several steps to make it easier to deal with. Below is a five-step guide to help you plan and set up your unique eCommerce business, launch an appealing online store, and scale it profitably.

I. Mapping Out a Defensible eCommerce Business Plan

In this chapter we’ve pointed out a few things you should pay attention to before you start building your eCommerce store. You’ll discover:

  • – how to choose a profitable product to sell online;
  • – understand your buyer personas;
  • – define your online business model;
  • – map out a go-to-market plan.

An abundance of eCommerce tools and services available now can ease your headaches while creating and adjusting a web store to your vision. However, without constructing a clear-cut business plan, your efforts risk being wasted.

Work out a plan and do your best to stick to it:

  1. Choose a profitable niche for your online store.
  2. Know your buyer persona.
  3. Define your distribution model. 
  4. Choose the right business model.
  5. Work out an effective marketing strategy.

1. Choose a Perfect Product Niche

If you plan on diving into eCommerce, decide what niche you’d like to pick and study it from the ground up. Ideally,…

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