We all know artificial intelligence has revolutionized content writing, image editing, and digital marketing industries. But what about eCommerce? Surely, an eCommerce giant such as Shopify wouldn’t be left behind.

Yes, Shopify has also integrated AI in their services and many users are using it in their stores to see amazing results.

Being fascinated by AI, I want to share some of the most inspiring quotes I saved over the last months, to give you a different perspective on how AI can be used to grow your online store.

Matt Rollens, CEO of Dragon Glassware, uses Shopify and is happy with AI as it helps him save money.

“It’s one of those things where it’s easy to go in and have a whole new listing generated pretty quickly and not have to get someone else to do it and go through the whole process again,” he said. “You can change things quickly on the fly if you need to.”

And there are several others. Let’s learn what Shopify offers in terms of AI and how we can realistically use these features in our stores.

How to Use AI to Grow Your Shopify Store

Shopify has added some amazing AI features to its platform, but that’s not all. There are also many AI-powered apps in the Shopify app store.

We’ll begin discussing the Shopify features first.

Shopify Magic Begins Here

Shopify Magic is your AI writing assistant. It will write and publish product descriptions for you. It will also help you in writing other content on the website.

Magic uses Large Language Models (LLMs) that process and learn from a vast amount of texts from web pages, books, and articles. With such vast resources, Magic is highly well-read and extremely suitable for this content creation job.

According to Mikey Moran, CEO of Private Label, “[Within] Shopify Magic, there’s expert, daring, playful, sophisticated, persuasive, supportive—there are all these different tones that you can [select] in a dropdown menu.”

Shopify Magic can create product copy, emails, and theme content…

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