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Amazon Prime has become associated with a level of consistency and dependability. It’s a brand over 200 million subscribers trust globally. Ecommerce sellers can tap into that subscriber base by adding Amazon’s Buy with Prime service into their websites’ checkout process.

All the customer has to do is log in to their Amazon Prime account and all their payment and shipping information are available. Amazon says that Buy with Prime’s ease of use, free shipping and familiar checkout experience have increased shopper conversion by 25% on average. If you’re a brand, that’s conversion on your website.

When a customer buys your brand’s product on Amazon, they’re Amazon’s customer. It’s hard to get around that — especially when tapping into Amazon marketing capabilities like Amazon DSP — you’re targeting Amazon customers on Amazon. Anyone using Buy with Prime is still your customer. By the time a customer gets to that checkout option, they will have interacted with your brand’s marketing funnel and website, but they get the convenience of Prime to boost their experience.

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Buy with Prime merchants can also showcase reviews from Amazon. If your brand has a positive following on Amazon, it’s easy to tap into that consumer trust. Online shoppers depend on reviews when making their decision, and seeing reviews from both Amazon and your website helps to clinch that conversion.

This is most useful for brands with an established Amazon presence, especially because of fulfillment. For Buy with Prime to work, you must have inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers. When Buy with Prime was first rolled out in 2022, it was only available to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) businesses by invitation only. Now any third-party merchant can use it — as long as they “pay for what they use, and all fees, except for…

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