One of the biggest challenges that many ecommerce entrepreneurs face when creating product pages is writing the right product descriptions. A product page is essential because it plays a significant part in the product’s saleability. Product pages should contain vital information about the product to provide Google the content that it needs to crawl your webpage and to offer customers the information that they need about your product. It should transition smoothly to your call-to-action button in order to persuade customers in clicking that “Add to Cart” button in order to complete the purchase.

Basically, the bottom line here is to use persuasive product descriptions to convert traffic into paying customers. It may not be an easy task, but the following tips will help:

Know Your Target Market

Writing product descriptions to appeal to a large buying audience is ineffective. This is because sounding too general is what you should not do as it will not speak directly to the audience that you want. To narrow down your market, you must determine your target audience. Once you’ve accomplished this, the next step is to come up with descriptions that will appeal to your audience in a more personal way. Make your argument realistic and relate it to the day-to-day life of people; it may also help to add some humor to your piece.

On the other hand, if you can’t determine your target demographic, it’s best to review your sales history to know what kinds of customers are buying your products.

Bonus: To learn more about honing in on your target market, determining your niche, and other aspects of your brand that will help you write more persuasive product descriptions, check out A Better Lemonade Stand’s Ecommerce Branding Guide.

Make Your Descriptions Easy to Read

For the average internet user, well-written product descriptions are no different from the poorly written ones: If it’s too long they’ll either skip to the end or just close the page. That’s…

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