Hello! Who are you and what business did you start?

Hello! My name is Fernando Pessagno, I am an Argentinian product designer with a passion for coding.

I am the founder of aiCarousels.com, which I started kind of by accident during a 10-day #buildinpublic challenge.

aiCarousels is a tool that helps non-designers create social media carousels for LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok using AI.

Currently, it’s generating $5,000 MRR.


What’s your backstory and how did you come up with the idea?

Around 6 months ago, just one day before my vacation was about to start, I got some not-so-great news that I could be let go from my full-time job.

What an amazing way to start my break…

Living in Sweden as a foreign worker who relies on a work visa, losing my job was my worst nightmare.

I simply couldn’t relax and enjoy my vacation. I needed to keep my mind occupied.

And I may not be what you’d call a ‘proper’ developer. I have no formal programming education. If you could see my code, you might laugh or cringe, but still, I’ve always been drawn to coding.

To me, it’s like ritual or meditation—headphones on, coding, and everything else just fades away.

So, I decided to take on a personal 10-day #buildinpublic challenge on X and YouTube to ship something — anything! (You can binge-watch the entire saga here)

I chose 10 days because that was the duration of my vacation, and I did it in public to hold myself accountable.


The main problem I wanted to solve wasn’t just to make things look nice, but to save people’s time. What I’m selling is time, not just designs.

The inspiration struck when I noticed how popular carousel posts were on LinkedIn.

As a former multimedia designer who has worked with marketing teams for startups and created carousels myself, I know firsthand how time-consuming they can be, even for experienced designers.

So, I thought, why not create something that simplifies the process for everyone, especially non-designers, to create beautiful carousels?

Take us…

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