When you want to reach a global audience, turn to international PPC.

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PPC, or pay-per-click, campaigns have long been an effective way to get in front of your target buyer and drive traffic to your site. When it comes time to expand into a new market or reach customers on the other side of the world, that’s when you need to employ an international PPC strategy.

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Below, let’s go over everything marketers need to know about international PPC campaigns: how they’re different from domestic, how to create them, and some best practices and examples to give you actionable inspiration before your next campaign.

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Advertisers can target these keywords and use their ads to direct people to their website or landing page. PPC means advertisers will pay a fee whenever someone clicks on their ad.

International PPC is an effective way to reach customers around the world, whether you’re expanding into new markets or your primary customer is in a different country.

Because these ads are usually seen in search engine results on Google or Bing, advertisers create these campaigns on Google Ads or Microsoft Ads. You can also create PPC ads for social platforms like Meta or ecommerce sites like Amazon.

How International PPC Campaigns Differ From Domestic

If you’re familiar with PPC, you likely understand how to create ad campaigns for a local or domestic market. However, international PPC campaigns are different when it comes to preparation, ad creation, and distribution.

How International PPC Campaigns Differ From Domestic

Here are the main differences between international and domestic ad campaigns and what you can do to bridge the gap for your audience, according to…

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