Life on Your Terms with Drs. Letizia Alto & Kenji Asakura

Have you ever read a book you just couldn’t put down? 

Dr. Letizia Alto and Dr. Kenji Asakura, founders of Semi-Retired MD, are the authors of the new book, Life on Your Terms: Why Doctors Use Real Estate Investments to Set Themselves Free and How You Can Too. Released in the fall of 2023, it’s a powerful read from start to finish and one that can equip you with the proper mindset required for financial freedom. 

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The book follows two-physician couples on their financial journeys. One couple continues to work the rat race, relying only on their physician salary and their 401(k). The other couple uses a mindset shift to overcome fears and pursue a financial life on their own terms. 

For the couple that achieves financial freedom, they also achieve their dreams. One becomes a volunteer doctor, doing what he wants because of his mission instead of a paycheck. The other is able to cut back on work hours to spend more time with their family. For both, their dreams were made a reality through real estate and an entrepreneurial spirit. In compelling and dramatic fashion, this book lays out all of the steps in that…

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