YouTube is a platform of choice for marketers and e-commerce specialists. The platform allows you to create a universe around the brand you represent, and to facilitate communication with a community that you develop and maintain. YouTube attracts 2.6 million users every month.

In this article, we will give you the reasons why you should organize a marketing strategy on the video platform, and provide you with various tips to optimize your content.

Why and how to create a YouTube profile?

First, let’s look at the why. YouTube has significant advantages for the development of your online store.


As we briefly mentioned in the introduction, YouTube and video as a whole allow you to create a complete communication strategy around your brand and your products. As with social media, the goal is to create a universe around which to gather your community. 

This community is enhanced by loyal customers, who may eventually become your brand’s influencers. In order for them to be loyal, you need to fill in several boxes. Your products must be qualitative, the services provided must correspond to the needs of the consumers, and you must create affect and trust.


Go to YouTube, and create your profile by going to the dedicated button. The video platform is owned by Google, which allows you to automatically synchronize all your account information with the rest of the features (GMail, Maps, …). 

Then go to the “Your Channel” section, by clicking on your photo. When you arrive on your channel, logically empty, you will have several CTA:

  • Customize the channel
  • Manage videos
  • Upload a video

Before you start the creative part by publishing videos, you need to customize your channel. Optimizing your YouTube marketing video strategy starts with taking care of your channel. You should know that YouTube has an algorithm equivalent to Google’s search engine. The optimization strategies are similar enough that organic optimization on YouTube is called VSEO…

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