There’s no shortage of tools to scale an ecommerce business. There’s even a tool to identify tools. Insert a web address into Built With and discover the site’s tech stack, such as the ecommerce platform, content delivery network, host, analytics provider, plugins, and more.

I could list 50 apps to streamline ecommerce operations or drive conversions. Instead, I’ll highlight five must-haves that, in my experience, can make or break a business.

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Insert a web address into Built With and discover the site’s tech stack.

Recover Chargebacks

Frivolous credit card chargebacks can decimate profits. But contesting those chargebacks is time-consuming, requiring evidence and compelling explanations. Luckily, solution providers can manage and automate the process.

The founder of Disputifier, an Austin, Texas-based chargeback-recovery provider, appeared on a recent Practical Ecommerce podcast. Chargeflow is another option, among many more.

Recovery providers typically receive alerts from payment platforms of chargeback claims and then automate the reply process with compelling evidence and, often, AI-driven responses. Many providers charge a fee only for successful recoveries.

Customer Support

Quick and reliable customer support is essential for conversions and repeat sales. Yet managing those queries can be overwhelming, occurring across multiple channels such as email, chat, social media, and phone.

That’s the purpose of customer support software — i.e., “help desks.” Gorgias is an example. It’s a customer support platform for ecommerce companies. It connects with leading platforms — Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, more — and Zapier.

Gorgias syncs all customer history and communications into one interface. Support personnel can view and adjust order info, refunds, loyalty points, and shipping details. Merchants can tag and automate rules based on this data.

Advertising Attribution

Attributing advertising to sales is seemingly…

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