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Say hello to our latest SkuVault product update. We wanted to share what we’ve been developing and optimizing for our customers in the past few months. 

Our last product update was in January, where we shared our 2022 recap that included a list of new integrations we launched, including Wayfair, QuickBooks Online, and Easyship, the launch of our 3PL offerings to help a unique segment of the eCommerce market run more efficient operations and more, which you can read about here.

This year, SkuVault has continued to develop, and we’re excited to share the below update with you. 

Helping you work faster

We’ve focused on maintaining integrations to save customers time and allow them to focus on what matters most. 

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We aim to offer a solution that works at the speed of your business. This is why we made a recent update to help you pick faster, because every second spent waiting on a loading screen equals time you’re paying your team without return. 

In May, we released an optimization to speed up Wave Picking processing, cutting down loading times and taking warehouse device times from fast to lightning fast.

Key updates to integrations

We’ve focused on maintaining integrations to save customers time and allow them to focus on what matters most.

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Updates to the Etsy API

Etsy recently updated their API from V2 to V3 and we migrated over successfully. 

We are continuously looking to stay ahead of changes like this to offer you the best experience.

Read more about Etsy V3.

Find us in the Shopify app store

SkuVault is now listed in the Shopify app store. 

Shopify also recently made enhancements which  make it more stable to connect to Shopify and enables users to access the latest Shopify updates and improvements.

Find us in the app store

Amazon FBA updates

Amazon recently made a change to the way FBA fulfillment, but don’t worry, we have you covered and you’re not impacted. 

Read about it

Lightspeed improvements


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