Hawke’s Bay-based food trading app Magic Beans has launched to assist Kiwis in combating rising food prices and interpersonal isolation in some communities. 

Magic Beans, founded by Anneliese Hough and Sarah Grant, began as a platform for connecting individuals on Facebook and its website. It has grown to 5000 local members after seven years, offering a place for people to swap or donate their fresh fruit and vegetables, or trade a wheelbarrow of compost for gardening instruction.

New app helps Kiwis exchange homegrown produce

According to business co-founder Sarah Grant, the new app will expand the platform to communities around the country and globally. 

Grant said while it was free to sign up and use, a subscription version would also grant access to a resource library with area-specific planting advice and guidelines.

According to Grant, the new app will enable individuals to join communities, communicate and discover information about what grew best in their area, and reduce the distance food travels between garden and plate. 

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