Product pages act as a digital shelf. Shoppers can’t see or touch a product before they buy, so they rely on high-quality photos, videos, and descriptions to influence their decisions. 

Salsify’s “2023 Consumer Research” report reveals that 55% of consumers cite bad product content, such as incomplete and inconsistent content, as the main reason they won’t buy a product online. And 39% have returned products because they didn’t match the images. 

“Good” ecommerce product photography is crucial for global ecommerce success because it enhances the online shopping experience, boosts consumer trust, and ultimately drives higher conversion rates and revenue.

But what makes a good product photo? Here are some actionable tips for product photography success. 

The Foundations of Compelling Product Imagery 

Your product photos are often the first thing shoppers will see (or look for) when browsing your online store. To make the most out of your ecommerce product photography, consider these examples of product photography angles.

High-Quality Images

Blurry photos don’t cut it anymore, as even standard smartphones have powerful camera capabilities. You should have in-focus photos with bright lighting to show your product in all its glory. 

Your product should also be the main focus of the picture — that doesn’t mean it needs to be the only thing in the photo, just that the viewer’s eye should be drawn to it in some way. 

Provide Product Images From Multiple Angles

Online shoppers don’t always have the luxury of seeing or touching a product in real life before they buy. This is where your product photography becomes the star of the show. Use different angles so shoppers can build up a 3D image of it in their heads. 

Here are some photo angles to consider.

Front Angle

Take a snap of your product from the front, as L’Oreal does with its Revitalift moisturizer. 

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift moisturizer

Image Source: L’Oreal Paris

Profile Angle

Show your product’s side profile…

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