Who Isn’t Eligible for Brand Registry?

It depends on the country. As OnlineTrademarkAttorneys put it, in the USA, your brand name and logo must feature words or letters. If they don’t, then you’re not eligible for trademark certification. And without it, Brand Registry is out of the question.

And the wording on the product or packaging must also exactly match this trademark. So, if the wording in your logotype isn’t identical to the one on your products or packaging, then it’s rejected.

Even if your application is rejected by the USPTO, you may be accepted on a lower-level USPTO register called the Supplemental Register. If so, you can use the ® symbol, your brand will show up in trademark searches, and your applications in other countries may be prioritized.

However, it would take another five years of selling these products for you to become eligible for the Principal Register in the USA. And only then can you apply for Brand Registry on Amazon. If your trademark is issued by the USPTO, of course.

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