sellvia vs shopifysellvia vs shopify

Sellvia vs Shopify: Which ecommerce solution is best for your business?

Both options promise business owners an easy way to start selling online, but there are some major differences between them.

First, Shopify is definitely better-known than Sellvia, with millions of users worldwide.

However, Sellvia is quickly getting more attention. It was even ranked as one of the fastest-growing companies in the US by Inc. Magazine in 2022.

We took a deep dive into both platforms, to create this complete comparison review, covering absolutely everything you need to know to make the right choice.

Let’s jump in.

Quick Verdict

Shopify is our number one pick overall for companies in search of a flexible ecommerce solution. It supports companies selling a variety of products, from physical items, to dropshipping and POD goods, and even digital downloads.

Plus, it offers an omnichannel experience, so you can sell through social media, marketplaces, your own store, and even offline.

Sellvia vs Shopify: Which Is Best Overall?

Want an answer quickly? Here’s the quick breakdown.

Shopify and Sellvia are both convenient tools for entrepreneurs and would-be ecommerce store owners. However, Shopify is the more versatile of the two solutions. It’s a comprehensive commerce platform that supports omnichannel and international sales.

With Shopify you can sell any kind of product (digital and physical), across a range of channels. You can even access a point of sale solution to sell products in-person.

It also comes with a host of extra tools for marketing, business management, and order…

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