Quick Verdict:

Shopify is our overall winner in this comparison, with more functionality, extra features like built in POS, and flexibility to offer scaling businesses.

Shopify supports omnichannel selling, has its own payment processing tools, app store, theme store, and provides business owners with exceptional support and guidance.

Though Dukaan isn’t as well-known, it has quickly become a rising star in the ecommerce industry since its launch in 2020.

If you’re struggling to choose between the two platforms, this step-by-step comparison will tell you everything you need to know.

Dukaan vs Shopify: Which Is Best Overall?

Though we think Shopify is definitely the better option overall for ecommerce vendors, the right choice for you could depend on a few different factors.

For instance, if you’re a small business owner looking to sell services or products online, Dukaan is a highly affordable, and user-friendly choice.

The platform comes with access to multiple customizable themes and pages, staff accounts, in-built analytics, and various payment gateway integrations. Plus, there’s a handy logistics system included to streamline global shipping.

However, if you’re running a slightly larger business, Shopify does offer a lot more versatility. It’s one of the most comprehensive commerce platforms available today, supporting various types of business models.

You can start a dropshipping business with Shopify, or sell print on demand products, as well as your own physical products. Plus, you can sell services, subscriptions and more.

With Shopify, you can even integrate your online store with social media channels, and marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay.

There’s also a point of sale system for small businesses and startups looking to sell products in-store.

Dukaan vs Shopify: The Main Differences

Dukaan might be a much younger platform than Shopify, but the Indian SaaS solution shares a lot of similarities with Shopify’s ecosystem.


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