When you think about search engine optimization (SEO), one major search engine probably comes to mind: Google. But what about Bing SEO?

A hand holds a laptop showing the Bing logo

With more than a billion monthly users, Bing is the second most popular search engine globally.

Moreover, since Microsoft’s acquisition of OpenAI earlier this year, Bing has begun integrating AI technology into its search engine, and its traffic has increased by more than 15%.

With its growing popularity, Bing SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) should be on the radar for marketers crafting their search engine optimization strategy.

In this comprehensive Bing SEO guide, I’ll help you explore why Bing is still relevant for marketers, offer data-driven, expert-approved Bing SEO tips, and give you the tools you’ll need to optimize your online presence for this increasingly popular search engine.

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Should you optimize for Bing?

Why Bing SEO Matters

Bing vs. Google: Similarities and Differences

Building the Right Foundation for Bing SEO

Tips to Improve Your Bing Ranking

1. Prioritize Exact Keyword Matches

2. Don’t Forget About Meta-Tags

3. Invest in Quality Backlinks

4. Build Strong Domain Authority

5. Ensure Mobile Friendliness

6. Cultivate a Social Media Following

7. Incorporate Images — But Don’t Overdo It

8. Craft Quality Content

Maximize Your Online Visibility with Bing

Should you optimize for Bing?

Is it worth optimizing for Bing? That’s only a question that your team can answer. I’d encourage you to look at it this way: If you’re just starting out on your SEO journey, focusing on Google may make sense.

Plus, you may not have the resources to allocate to both search engines. But as you grow, it’s definitely worth optimizing your online content for Bing, too.

While Bing still has a smaller market share than Google, it remains an important piece of the search engine pie, and it can serve as an important channel for your marketing efforts.

To capitalize on this potential, invest in Bing SEO. That means…

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